Friday, October 23, 2015

Use your initiative

Mr. Tan
I observe that many young people do not want to think. They only want to have instructions that they can follow, and they do it blindly. Even if the instructions are wrong, or they misunderstood it, they will follow it blindly. And they will later justify the mistake by saying "you told me".

I have read your postings and I think you share the same view. Is it correct?

Why don't you state your views, without "putting words in my mouth"? There is no need to. You are entitled to express your views on its own.

I do agree with your views on this matter. I have observed this behavior not only with younger people, but with older ones as well. This must be the outcome of our education system which has been around for 50 years.

Whenever someone ask for instructions on unimportant matters, I often reply "use your initiative" or "use your common sense" or "take the responsibility".

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