Monday, November 30, 2015

Convenient to travel by bus

Many people in Singapore do not realize that it is often more convenient to travel by bus, rather than take the train.

I use the app "GoThere" which tells me the travel time and fare between bus/bus and bus/train option. Often the bus/bus option is faster and more convenient than the bus/train option.

If you take a bus and change to a train, you often have to spend about 5 minutes to walk from the bus stop to the train station. But if you take the bus and transfer to a bus, you do it at the same bus stop.

The bus/bus option also brings you to a bus stop that is close to your destination. If you take the train,  you may have to make another transfer to a bus at the destination.

The bus is not as crowded as the train (except for peak hours). You are likely to get a seat during the off-peak hours. You will find it more comfortable to travel by bus.

The disadvantage is that the bus is jerky and the travelling time is longer, as the bus has to make many stops. However, the journey time can be reduced if the government changes the system.

Here is a way for the travel time to be reduced, but it requires the government to introduce express services that stop every 2 km rather than 0.35 km now. The express service will reduce the number of stops by 80%, i.e. it will bypass four stops and stop at every five stops compared to the current service. To take the express service, you need to take a feeder service to the express stop.

You can read more details of this new system in this article.

I estimate that the travel time can be reduced by 30% under the new system. It will also improve the efficiency of the bus service, and allow the operators to serve the commuters with a smaller number of services.

I hope that you like this concept.

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