Saturday, December 05, 2015

Get a benefit illustration, instead of a brochure

Hi Mr Tan, I am a graduate and is saving for the future. What do you think of prudential pruwealth policy?

Send the benefit illustration to me.

Mary sent a brochure of the policy.

TKL This is a brochure. It does not show the essential information that help you to make a proper decision. You should ask the agent to give you a "benefit illustration" so that you can look at the "effect of deduction" and "distribution cost" and the surrender values. You should register to attend this talk so that you know what is a better way to invest for the future. Get your friends to attend as well.

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Anonymous said...

Don't buy this pruwealth as the product name tells you what you will be getting, ie your cash is going into the pru agents pockets and the company.
It is rotten product that will NEVER accumulate to meet your goals.Worse the return is negative in real term, ie. if adjusted for inflation it is a loss in purchasing. So is it a saving plan?
Read what Dollar and Sense says about insurance agents below at this link.

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