Monday, November 30, 2015

Warning - do not lock your savings in an investment that yields less than inflation

Twenty years ago, it was safe for working families to put their savings in a life insurance policy for their retirement or as a gift for their children. The insurance companies gave a fairly attractive return on their policies that was higher than inflation and comparable to other types of investments.

The situation has changed in recent years. A life insurance policy now gives a poor return, which is often lower than inflation. Worse, the surrender value paid on the policies, even if the policy is kept for 15 years, is lower than the premiums paid, i.e. a negative return.

A life insurance policy is now a terribly poor form of investment for long term savings.

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Anonymous said...

Today the insurance agents are cunning . They seem to have mastered the skill of conman ship to peddle their products now. They don't need superior returns or coverage to con their clients. What they need is boldness to lie, misrepresent and cheat the clients. That is why the insurance companies designing their products as complicated as possible so they have to be sold and by an insurance sales liar.
The recent article by Sunday Times is another exposure of conman ship . This miss selling will not end until MAS has the. Outrage to intervene and punish the errant companies and their insurance conmen and women.
The insurance companies and their salesmen are in cahoots to plunder the public

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