Sunday, November 29, 2015

Feeder and express bus system can reduce travel time

If a passenger takes a bus journey for 10 km, there is an average of 30 stops. The journey time will be 70 minutes, including 10 minutes of waiting time.
If the passenger takes a feeder bus and change to an express bus (that stops every 2 km) and change to another feeder bus, the number of stops will be reduced by half. This will reduce the travelling time by about 30% (allowing for waiting time for the feeder services).
While this requires one or two more transfers, the transfers are made at the same bus stop. Passengers will get used to this system soon. (Right now, they have to take a bus and transfer to a train anyway).
If we restructure the bus system to be based on express and feeder buses, we can half the number of bus services from 380 to 200 services. It will also simplify the planning of the frequency of buses to meet the demand.
I first raised this suggestion in 2007. Already 8 years have passed.

Here is a recent article written yesterday.

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