Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Ridiculous process from CPF

Each month, I paid the CPF contributions for my staff.

CPF sends this email to me.
Dear Employer
The electronic Record of Payment (eROP) for payment received on 27 Nov 2015 under CPF Submission Number 200700231C-PTE-01 is ready for viewing.
To view your eROP:1) Please login to CPF e-Submission (Employers) Service and click "View Record of Payment".2) Select the Statement No. to view the eROP.
Please check that the details in the Record of Payment are correct and inform us immediately if there are any discrepancies.

Yours faithfully
Electronic Submission SectionCentral Provident Fund Board
Instead of sending the information directly to me, they insist on asking me to login to their complicated website to retrieve the payment record.

This is just one example of the troublesome process that our government agencies impose on the business and the public.

They are paranoid about sending information by e-mail, even if the information is not sensitive. All they need to say is that they have received a sum of $X being CPF contribution for a specific month. There is no sensitive personal data in the email.

This practice is adopted not only by CPF. It is the practice in most government agencies. Somebody, somewhere, a long time ago, said that e-mail is not secure for government communication, and must have banned the use of e-mail for all types of "official communication". Nobody bothers to ask if this instruction can be reviewed, or relaxed for non-sensitive information. They just followed the Standard Operating Procedure (or SOP) blindly.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, & if you try to enlighten their decision maker aka CEO, he is well protected from taking phone calls & they expect you to write in to him high & mighty to consider your inputs. Meanwhile you pay money while they make you frustrated while they cover their arses, all in the name of protecting your interests!

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