Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders is justified to stand as a third party candidate

My American friend, who is a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders, told me this story.

When Bernie Sanders won Washington, Alaska and Hawaii by an overwhelming margin, the Democratic National Committee was in panic mode. They decided to adopt strong measures to ensure that Bernie does not get the nomination. This include "cheating" and rigging the election. They have been rigging the election earlier, but this time, they decided to carry it out more aggressively.

Some of the measures include removing some voters, who are likely Bernie supporters, from the register. This happened in New York. Other Bernie supporters, who were Independents, were not allowed to vote anyway.

In California, the Independents were allowed to vote. But they were given provisional ballot papers and these papers were not counted. Young voters, who were likely Bernie supporters, were told that the voting records got lost. They could not vote.

The Democratic National Committee also stopped the exit polls, which is a gauge of the likely votes. These polls ask the early voters which candidate they had voted for.. These polls are likely to show strong votes for Bernie and could conflict with the final "rigged" results.

There were also report that votes for Bernie Sanders were purged from the records after they were input into the system.

I find it amazing that these kinds of measures could happen in a country that champions democracy and in a party that has the name of "Democratic".

If this account is largely true, it gives Bernie Sanders all the reasons to stand as a third party candidate under the Green Party. I hope that he takes this decision.

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