Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Need for judgement

AK Tan commented about the HDB rules.

This is not even giving the messy rules that HDB has due credit. As with many government organizations, the rules are not clearly stated. There are stated rules on their web site which are very broad and in some cases, completely useless. And then there's also a set of unstated rules that only God knows what and who has the power to invoke them. And whenever you have a question, the reply is always "write in". The civil service in our country is as secretive as the CIA and unjustifiably so - and is therefore, in dire need of an overhaul.

My comment:
The problem is the confusing instructions given by the political leaders. They give vague instructions, and are not aware about the actual happenings in the ground.
The poor civil servants are lost in implementing these confusing instructions.
We need a system that requires competent people to take judgement, rather than to follow the confusing rules blindly.

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