Monday, June 13, 2016

Show the sequential stop number in a display in the bus

II checked an app for a bus to go to OCBC Center. It said that I have to take service 166 from Thomson Plaza and alight after 24 stops.

When I was at North Bridge Road, outside of St Andrews Church, I asked the driver:

TKL - how many more stops to OCBC center?
Driver - Sorry, don't know. What street?
TKL - Chulia Street.
Driver - Sorry, don't know.
TKL - Are you from Malaysia?
Driver - Yes.
TKL - How long have you been working in Singapore?
Driver - I was transferred to this service 15 days ago.

I have told the Land Transport Authority several times over the past five years to get the buses to have a digital display to show the Stop No. This should start from 1 at the terminus and increase by 1 for each subsequent stop.

If I get up at Stop 10 and have to drop off after 24 stops, I will look out for Stop 34. Alternatively, I can check the guide to get the the Stop No to alight. (I want the sequential stop number - which is more helpful than the Bus Stop Code).

When will the LTA implement this suggestion?

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