Monday, June 13, 2016

How to avoid a financial disaster

It is easy for young people to fall prey to the same mistake that tens of thousands make every year. Their friend, relative or classmate is now an insurance agent and is sincere in wanting to help them to plan their financial future.

The outcome, in most cases, is a plan that wreck their financial future. In helping their friend to achieve the sales quota as an agent, the insurance buyers will lose a significant part of their future wealth, around 40%, and may even lose their friendship.

The friend, who is an agent, is acting sincerely, because they are also not aware of the flaw in the product. The "effect of deduction" is more than 40% of the wealth, also know as the accumulated premium.

You can learn how to avoid this disaster and, more importantly, a better way to invest your future savings from this talk.

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Anonymous said...

Never buy from insurance at the roadshows. They are actually selling snakeoil products that will kill financially. Buy from those companies that give you rebates or ask the AGENTS for huge rebate.
The best way to protect yourself is using the buy term and invest the rest strategy. U have full control and not those rubbish whole life or worse scam endowment products.

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