Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Citi Link Express

Citi Link Express has an operating office in Toa Payoh. I used them a few times to send urgent documents by courier to overseas destinations.

I called their hotline to make an urgent delivery. Nobody picks up the phone for the past two hours. I called another hotline number provided by them. Nobody picks up the phone.

I wonder if the employees are on strike? Or is the hotline staff sick and no other staff is able to take over? I suspect that they are short of staff and are feeling the crunch of the manpower shortage.

If they do not have staff manning the telephone, they should switch off their automated system, instead of asking customers to wait for someone to answer the call.

This episode cause me to waste an hour of my time trying to get through to them. I will have to look for another courier. This will require some effort to make the arrangement.

This is how unproductive Singapore has become. This cascades. Their poor service affects my productivity.

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