Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Authorization to obtain medical reports

A patient made a claim under a medical insurance policy for reimbursement of an expensive hospital bill. There was a delay in the approval of the claim.

Later, she was shocked to learn that the insurance company requested for medical reports from the hospitals and clinics visted in the past years. This was done without informing the patient or getting her consent.

She asked me if the insurance company had the authority to request for the medical information.

I replied that claimant had probably gave the authorisation to the the insurance company when she submitted the claim. This authorisation is probably contained in the claim form.

I checked the claim form of NTUC Income and found the authorisation in the last page of a 6 page claim form.

I was surprised to learn that the claim form has become so complicated. It gives a lot of trouble to the policyholder in submitting a claim.

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