Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Poor system from UPS courier

An office in Bahrain asked me to sign certain documents and return to them. They arranged with the courier UPS.

I received an email from UPS Bahrain office with instructions to call their Singapore office. Two numbers were given. They also provide a shipping label.

I called the numbers given to arrange for collection. The staff said - sorry, this is the wrong number. I have to call the second number.

(Surely, UPS Bahrain should know which number to call)? 

The staff at the second number asked for all kinds of information. 

UPS: What is the account code of the receiving office?

TKL:  9769 3 V for Victor F for France Y for York, N for Norway 84.
(Why can't they use numbers, without letters?)

UPS: Sorry, the account number should be a 6 digit number.

TKL: The shipping label has a 6 digit number, Receiver 97693 V for Victor. 

(Why can't they use numbers, without letters?)

UPS: Sorry. We cannot locate the record. Can you give the collection number, starting with XX?

TKL: ????. I can't find such a number on your shipping label.

UPS: In that case, I can help you to create the collection record. But you have to provide use with all the required information

(And they asked for much more than really necessary for the collection!)

UPS: Is this the first time that you are using UPS?

TKL: Yes. This is the first time and the last time. 

TKL: The email that I received was from your Bahrain UPS office. Surely, they should know what information is required for the collection?

UPS: Thank you for your feedback. We will pass it to the consumer department.

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