Friday, August 26, 2016

Faulty trackers on buses should be replaced

Last week, I took bus 86 and dropped off at Anderson JC. I checked the LTA App for the arrival time of the next bus 162. It showed 31 mins.

The usual interval for bus 162 is 10 to 15 mins.

I guessed that the next bus has a faulty tracking device and will probably arrive within the next 10 mins before the one that will arrive at 31 mins.

I was right. The next bus arrived within 10 minutes.

I have encountered many instances of "missing buses" which had faulty tracking devices. They do not appear in the LTA app, These "ghost buses" do not exist in the LTA tracking system.

I have encountered them in other bus services, such as 163. I first observed it over a year ago and mentioned it in my blog.

It is a simple matter for LTA or the bus operators to identify the buses with the faulty trackers. They only need to check the database to see which buses appear to be "invisible".

I suspect that there are many buses with faulty trackers and this has not been attended for years. It is time for LTA and the bus operators to "wake up". There is no point to spend millions or tens of million dollars on a tracking system and allow it to show unreliable results.

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Anonymous said...

It is beyond belief that LTA or the bus companies accept a less than 99% reliability from the tracker system.

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