Sunday, August 21, 2016

Business similation - run a shipping line

Can you run Neptune Orient Lines better than the former CEO who had prior experience in the military? Maybe you could, and if you did, NOL would not be sold away.

If you also have no experience, you can learn the experience from the business simulation game.

Go to and click on Video Guide. It shows you how to play the game.

You can create a new game and choose the Shipping scenario. It allows you to operate a shipping service in Asia, Europe and America.

You are given the market and economic trends and you have to decide on the pricing, capacity and advertising. Your aim is to achieve the highest profit (or avoid a big loss).

Tip - you are given an important information - whether the margin is high, moderate or low for next round. You have to be agressive in changing your business strategy.

Good luck. Enjoy the game.

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