Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simple suggestions for UPS Courier Service

I have a few simple suggestions for UPS to improve their system:

1) Assign a numeric code for their accounts, e.g. 912345 instead of 91234V (which requires people to pronounce as Victor). The account code should be unique globally. If they have many accounts, they can increase to 7 digits.  If they need to identify the office, it can be done as a suffice, e.g. 912345/SIN for the Singapore office. There is already an internationally recognized system used by airlines for cities.

2) Assign a number ID for each shipment, e.g. 12345678. The ID can be used for collection, shipment, etc. There is no need to give different ID for the different activities. If they need to differentiate between a Collection and a shipment, it can be done by a suffix, e.g. 1234567/C or 1234567/S.

If UPS had designed their system with these suggestions, my user experience would have been easy and they would have got me as a long term customer.

Yes, I know what I am talking about. I do have a lot of experience in the design of database system. You can watch this video about my expertise in this area.

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