Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Disappointing experience with Jobs Bank

The Ministry of Manpower set up the Jobs Bank a few years ago to help locals find jobs. Employers are required to post their jobs in the Jobs Bank for locals to apply. If they could not find locals, the employers can submit applications for work passes to engage foreign workers.

Many employers and local workers were disappointed with the Jobs Bank. It is not effective in achieving its goal.

My personal experience has been disappointing. Over the past few years, I have posted several jobs and did not get any suitable candidates. Initially, a few people applied but they were not serious and were not suitable. In recent years, I did not receive any application. Maybe the job seekers were also disappointed that the process is not working well.

Most of my postings were for software developers. Perhaps Singaporeans do not like this type of work. But I have also posted a request for administrative staff. It did not get any response also.

The current work flow is clearly not working. Perhaps, the Ministry of Manpower should re-look at the process and revamp the system.


Anonymous said...

There has been feedback from job seekers over the ineffectiveness of MOM National Job Banks portal. During one of my session with career coaches from WDA event, I have heard some criticising this "initiative" as an "white elephant". I am surprised from reading this that the portal is not even serving the need of "Employer".

I wonder what has been the "success rate" of this project when compared to the investments and the running cost of maintaining it.

On the ground said...

The WDA stands for Wayang Development Agency

It is for wayang - as people realized it is so and they have more pressing needs they just ignore.
This is usually not always but most of the time in our Elite group of highly educated ministers who seemed really at a loss why it is not working?
As most of us will know - just get real walk the ground like our old guards did - come down from those highly guarded ivory towers which has whole lift blocked when a minister is visiting.

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