Friday, September 02, 2016

Promoted to aristocracy

Joe visited a hunting farm each year. There was a dog called "Salesman". He was very hardworking. When Joe shot a bird, Salesman would search high and low and bring back the fallen bird to Joe.

 One year, Joe visited the farm but Salesman was nowhere to be found. He asked the farm owner what happened to Salesman.

The owner said, "A few months back, one of the hunters decided to call him "Sales Manager". Now the stupid dog refused to search for the birds. All day, he sat on his haunches and bark.

That story reminded me of what happened to our ministers in Singapore. Previously, they were hard working. Then the prime minister decided to call them "natural aristocrats". Since then, they stayed in their ivory tower all day and refused to mix with the "lesser mortals".

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Yujuan said...

Whatever PM Lee is doing, like creating a new class of Society, the "Natural Aristocracy", nothing beats the worry of a vacuum for a worthy successor after him. None of the young promoted "Aristocrats" is of PM material, none have the charisma, drive, guts, capability of a cutting edge leader, able to lead Singapore to compete in an increasingly hostile world.
Those few worthy candidates are either getting in age or have health problems, among the Chinese Ministers only the gutsy Transport Minister of Malaysian background fits the bill, atlas he is 63 years already.
The local born young Ministers are the typical cautious, timid, yes men of Singapore Society, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong is an example, must be 100% certainty before he acknowledges there is a Zika epidemic, too late already.
Left the 2 Indian Ministers that we could consider, more sharp and street smart of the whole Cabinet, though at 59 years may be too old too.
Singaporean folks are rational, kiasi people, if left with no options, would accept a capable minority PM. Meantime, better pray Lee could hold the fort long enough for a worthy successor to appear, else Singapore will be in jeopardy, PM has made himself indispensable, presently a Singapore without him is scary, as competent candidates either dun want to join him or are being pushed out.

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