Friday, September 02, 2016

Buses with faulty tracking devices

I took a bus and changed to bus 162. The mobile app showed that Bus 162 would arrive in 15 and 30 mins. As there was nobody waiting for this bus at the bus stop, I thought that the earlier bus had just left.

To my surprise, bus 162 arrived within two minutes. This is the "ghost bus" with a faulty tracking device.

It reminded me, again, that the Land Transport Authority did not bother to check that the buses have tracking devices that are in working order.

I have given this feedback countless times, but nobody cares. Even the "super" transport minister does not care. I have lost my respect for him. I will now refer to him as the "substandard" transport minister. We hardly see him or hear from him any more.

Why spend tens of million of dollars on a tracking system which is now not reliable? It just take a little effort and attention to get it in working order.

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