Thursday, September 01, 2016

Air con systems

I installed a split aircon system in an apartment (2 blowers, 1 condenser) for $2,200. The air con price is about $1,600 and the installation is $600.

When I was in Johor, I asked a shop about the price, just for comparison. The shop quoted a similar price for a similar system. They recommended 2 separate systems, each comprising of a blower and condenser for $350 X 2 = $700.

I was surprised that 2 separate condenser cost less than 1 combined condenser. Maybe the price is lower because more units are sold for the single system?

I was not offered this option by the contractor in Singapore. They seemed to jack up the price as much as they could. Is this a bad business practice in Singapore?


Anonymous said...

From what I see , this may be due to High Rental and Salary in Singapore while compare to Malaysia.

Let say :
if rental in Singapore is 2X Malaysia
Salary in Singapore is 2X Malaysia
=> Hence cost of Air Con in SG =
700 (Org) + 700 (Rental) + 700 (Salary) = $2100

FatherofTwo said...

The single system is probably a non inverter system as there is not much point to sell you an inverter single split as the energy saving is not meaningful.

While is Singapore due to NEA energy efficiency drive, your system 2 is probably an inverter system with 4 ticks.

Inverter system, system 2 is definitely more expensive than 2 single split non inverter.

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