Saturday, September 03, 2016

Helping Singaporeans to find jobs

The government sponsored Jobs Bank is not helping Singaporeans to find jobs. The process of matching applicants with available jobs is not working well. Most job seekers and employers have given up on this portal.

I have developed a new Jobs Portal to overcome this problem. It uses a different approach in matching job seekers with employers. It removes the tedious tasks of reading pages of resumes that do not contain the relevant information.

The new approach is - indicate the type of job that you want to do and your expected salary. You will get an email showing the jobs that matches your criteria. You can view the jobs and indicate if you wish to apply for the job.

The employer can view the applicants and shortlist the job seekers, based on the basic information that is provided. This reduces the work for the HR executives in screening the resumes. An email is sent to the shortlisted employees. The shortlisted employees can send their detailed resume to the employer by email (outside of this portal).

A prototype of this website is now available for job seekers and employers to get the user experience. This website contains simulated data of job seekers and employers (with simulated jobs). This makes the portal look like real. And the job seekers and employers get immediate response?

Watch this video to understand how to use the portal.

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