Monday, September 12, 2016

Bus Rapid Transit in Guangzhou

Our Land Transport Authority should visit Guangzhou, China and learn about how they introduced the BRT - Bus Rapid Transit system. It is popular and highly successful.

And they do not need million dollar salaries for their leaders.


Anonymous said...

If you had ever worked in a government stat board, you would realized how stupid and rigid their SOPs are. Any good ideas or suggestions would not be implemented because of budget or social norms. Before these ideas can go up to top management, it would have been killed by some idiots in-between.

Yujuan said...

In comparison with China, Singapore is regressing under the greenhouse bred new leadership.
You want to watch a seamless transport system in motion, just go to Chengdu, DIY way without joining conducted tours.
The ordinary rail and the HSR run parallel to each other and converge at one city centre Station, where commuters transfer easily to the MRT to get to other destinations within the city, with the bus interchange nearby for you to catch the cheaper way to travel to tourist spots like Emei Mountains. You wonder why Singapore could be so backward.

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