Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yip Pin Xiu and Paralympics

I congratulate Yip Pin Xiu for winning the second gold medal at the Paralympics Games. You have made Singapore proud!

I also congratulate her parents for their tremendous sacrifice in supporting their daughter to achieve these medals.

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Yujuan said...

Kind of feeling shameful for Singapore, Yip also given free travel for life on Air Asia, by its big hearted CEO Boss Fernandez, a Malaysian.
Compare this gesture with our SIA, Tiger Air, Scoot, a typical GLC SME mentality, no wonder the latter 2 can't beat Air Asia in the Budget Air business.
Yet Singapore always talk about having an Inclusive Society, dun walk the talk, as empty talk dun cost the Govt a single penny.
Ditto with a standing ovation on Parliament's stage for a Gold medal Olympian, also dun cost a penny, yet can claim all the credits.

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