Friday, September 16, 2016

Encourage locals to be drivers

My friend made the following observations.

a) It cost more than $4,000 for a person to get a driving licence, including the tuition fees.
b) Many young people who come from low income families cannot afford this expense to get a driving license.
c) We now have to depend on employing foreign drivers
d) The foreign drivers are not familiar with Singapore roads.
e) Some of them could pose a security risk.

He made this suggestion:
a) Get bus companies to provide apprenticeship to drivers.
b) The employers pay for the cost of training the drivers to get a licence
c) The drivers are bonded to work with the employer for a certain period.\
d) They can be paid well, so that driving becomes a respected job.
e) At a later date, the drivers can upgrade their skills to drive heavy or specialised vehicles
f) This will create many well paying opportunities for locals.
g)  The drivers will improve their skills with many years of experience.

He said - we need a national policy to keep driving jobs for locals. 

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