Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Style of governance

For discussion:What is the difference between a government that is run by military leaders, and one that is run by civilian leaders?

Singapore can be considered as a government run by military leaders. PM Lee has a background from the SAF. His approach is largely based on his experience from SAF.

He has appointed many ministers with military background. He also appoints these people to be in charge of key government agencies.

My perspective:A leader with a military background operates in a command and control mode. He lays down detailed instructions in standard operating procedures (SOP) and expects the subordinates to follow these SOP without question and without exercise of common sense.

This has been our mode of operation in Singapore for the past three decades. Most people now operate blindly and automatically based on SOP. Even if the SOP are producing wrong results, they continue to follow them blindly.

Do you agree?


Anonymous said...

100% agree. This is so common in the government sector. Even thou a procedure did not produce the desired outcome or result, as long as it is part of the SOP - just continue to do it! Because Ah-Gong says so.

Yujuan said...

Everything goes by the book, no thinking required, blunting initiative, creativity, responsibility in the process.
Must refer to the top first, just tell me what you want me to do, not in my job scope, all military style.
Real foreign talents would shortly throw in the towel and leave, disgusted by the work culture.
A good example seen in the 2 talented Angmo ex CEOs at Sing Post and OCBC. Look at the mess Sing Post is, fast losing courier business to much smaller competitors.
So only can attract foreign mid and low talents, just work lah, get the good money, then say bye bye, treating Singapore a hotel economy. You ask those Real Talents to follow the command and obey rules, they tell you to go fly kites. What we need also is citizens with thinking caps to solve problems, not just blindly follow orders, we are also losing our own not so yes men Real Talents to appreciative foreign countries.
Ultimately, Singapore is the loser, due to the control freak style of Governance permeating into the work culture here.

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