Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Planning a vacation in Spain

I am planning a vacation in Spain. This will be my first visit to the country.

I booked my air ticket to London online. From London, I book a Ryanair ticket to Madrid. I also booked a 4 day tour of Madrid, Cordova, Seville and Granada and return to Madrid.

I booked my hotel online for my stay in Madrid and after the tour. I also checked on the airport transfer and found the fare for a taxi.

I watched Youtube for videos to Madrid and the other cities. This gives me an impression of what to expect.

One visitor said that a few words of Spanish would be helpful for visitors. I went to the Duolingo app to brush up on my Spanish. I would also be listening to my favorite Spanish songs which also teaches me a few words of Spanish.

The world has changed a lot with the internet. It is for us to make the best use of it.

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