Monday, September 05, 2016

Getting from bad to worse

Earlier this year, I predicted that the government will change the constitution to allow a committee to specify that the candidate for President should come from a certain ethnic group.

I looks like my prediction will materialize. Furthermore, I expect that the ethnic group selected for the next President should be a Malay.

Here is the news of the interview with PM Lee[Yah_Newsletter]-20160905-[Changes+to+elected+presidency+needed+as+race+still+matters+in+politics%3A+PM+Lee]

My friend said that this move is designed to prevent Dr. Tan Cheng Bok from contesting in the next presidential election. His conclusion is obvious and is shared by many people.  The PAP consider Dr. Tan to be unacceptable.

I consider this to be a sad state of affairs for Singapore. Dr, Tan had served the country loyally as a PAP MP for more than 20 years. He is now regarded by many people as truly independent of the PAP and can serve the country well as the elected president. Many people consider him to be the best candidate for this office. Why go to so much trouble to prevent him from contesting?

My own preference is to abolish the  elected president and to go back to a ceremonial president. The concept of an elected president with executive powers is badly thought out and is basically unworkable. The problem was highlighted when President Ong Teng Cheong wanted to carry out his duty in a diligent and independent manner.

By making a further change to the constitution, we are creating a more difficult and confusing situation for the future. In short, it does not make sense. 

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Yujuan said...

GRC system of having a minority candidate in a contest is sufficient representation for minority Singaporeans.
Ditto with a Presidency candidate chosen by the presiding Govt, it can pick any Indian, Malay or Eurasian candidate it favours, dun have to highlight the race issue. Some minority groups may feel their dignity stamped on, alamak, you think I can't make the grade ah.
How much "independent" Executive power the President has, all citizens are aware of, so why fear TCB so much? Being cut from the same cloth, he would be diplomatic on how far he could put his toe forward, with the humiliating treatment of ex President Teng Cheong by the PAP Govt vividly in mind.

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