Sunday, September 04, 2016

Learning a useful skill from Youtube

Leyeon was invited to a birthday party to make cartoon characters using balloons.
TKL - Were you good at art in school
Leyeon - Not really
TKL - Where did you learn the skill of making these characters with ballons?
Leyeon - I learn from Youtube
TKL - How long did it take you
Leyeon - One year, while I was in NS. (Looks like he made good use of his idle time in NS!)
TKL - Do you plan to make a living with this skill
Leyeon - I hope so.
TKL - How much do you charge?
Leyeon - $150 per hour.
TKL - How often do you have work?
Leyeon - Mostly on Fri, Sat and Sun. I am mostly free on weekdays.
Leyeon can be contacted at: 91546135

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