Friday, September 09, 2016

Interview with The New Paper on Elected President


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many executive US presidents meet our requirement of $550M

Yujuan said...

Insights on the Elected Presidency.
Govt can decide on a yes man candidate they want, and being control freaks, must raise the bar 100% higher so that those "outside the Natural Aristocracy" would have second thoughts to join, with wasting of time and resources in mind, also effective in eliminating not so yes men like Tan Cheng Bok, asking irritating pesky questions.
Bingo, a walkover with no contests. President TT with only a 35% of majority vote was a frightening experience.
Now who dare say there is no democracy in Singapore.

Yujuan said...

Sometimes mediocrity is allowed, as long as it facilitates the political control system, make scapegoat out of racial fairness, any favored minority candidate willing to kiss babies and rubber stamp documents would willingly take the bait, and why not, dun need to be smart, but can become instant millionaires many times over being a puppet to the Govt for 5 years, or 10 years.
A smashing good deal.
Death to meritocrazy soon, one of the Tenet Legacies of our esteemed LKY.

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