Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Inconsiderate call center

I called the Starhub call center. It asked me to press many buttons and gave me announcements of promotions that do not interest me. It also gave me a message that I have heard more than 1,000 times, about the call being monitored for training purpose.

How inconsiderate of the call center. Don't they have any consideration for their long suffering customers? I was then asked to enter my mobile phone number. I did.

A voice answered. May I have your NRIC number?
TKL - I just pressed my mobile number. Surely, you can retrieve my record from it?
Voice - sorry, I don't have access to that number.
TKL - Why did your system asked me to key in that number?
Voice - Sorry.
TKL - Please pass my feedback to your management. Do be considerate to your customers. Do not make them waste so much time and do a lot of irrelevant steps.
Voice - OK.

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Anonymous said...

Starhub service has deteriorated since that tan tong hai took over as CEO. But the frontline service at their centres have improved. Once you recontract your line, then it's all downhill service.

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