Thursday, September 08, 2016

First level screening of job applicants

The Job Portal created by TKL Associates differentiates itself from other portals by doing first level screening.

Each job seeker indicates the type of job (e.g. Software Developer) and the expected salary (e.g. 2500). The seeker receives an email for each job posting that matches the criteria.

The seeker clicks a link in the email to see the key details of the job, i,e, name of company, introduction to company, workplace, job title, job description, compensation, required qualification, etc.

This is what the information looks like:

The employer can view the applicants as follows:

If the employer finds any candidate to the suitable, the employer clicks on the candidate and ask to shortlist the candidate. An email is sent to notify teh candidate.

The employer can follow up by email or telephone with the shortlisted candidates. This is handled outside of the portal.

Compared to the process in the other job portals in the market, this "first level screening" allows the job seeker and the employer to contact each other quickly. It will give a better user experience to both parties.

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