Monday, January 23, 2017

A place where common sense can still be found

In my recent visit to Phnom Penh, I had two interesting observations.

a) In my hotel room, there was a hand written card. "Welcome back, Mr. Tan". The hotel took the trouble to check their database.

b) The lounge at Phnom Penh airport was the best that I have visited. They provide mobile device charging points in most tables. The food was simple, but good. They have a simple password for their Wifi.

Cambodia may be a poor country, and do not have much money to spend on expensive infrastructure. They make the best use of what they have. Most importantly, they use their common sense.

In contrast, I find many of our operating procedures in Singapore are written in detail for staffs to implement in a mindless fashion. The staffs and customers are highly stressed with unnecessary activities.

I have been using Starhub internet for 20 years. Each time that I call their call center, they treat me as a new customer and apply the full script that is suitable for a new customer.

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