Friday, January 27, 2017

Let's celebrate the return of the Terrexes

We can celebrate the return of the Terrex to Singapore. The mainstream media would paint it as a triumph of our "sovereign right" and the skill of our minister in negotiating its return of these vehicles "before the 15th day of the Lunar New Year".

It is all right for them to present their "alternative facts". (Shhhh. Let's play down the fact that the Terrexer were retained for more than two months, okay?)

Never mind.

I hope that our arrogant ministers and the other elites realize that their approach towards this incident was a big mess. They had insisted on sovereign immunity and challenging the action in Hong Kong court. All of them do not hold water, and showed how naive they had been.

Instead, they now face the prospect of having their surrogates, most likely the shipping line, being asked to defend their breach of the customs laws in the same Hong Kong court.…

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