Sunday, January 22, 2017

Find the right word

I created this app to help users to find the possible words for the popular "3 Pic 1 Word" game. Once in a while, some users access the app for help. I received a daily report on the usage.

For those technical people who are interested, the app is created using this approach:

a) I located a dictionary with 100,000 words (used for Scrabble)
b) I saved the words in a database and index them according to the number of letters. For example, the word "city" has 4 letters.
c) When the user makes a request, I filter out all the words with the specified number of letters and match them against the given letters. About 15,000 words have to be matched but this can be done very fast.
d) I display all the matching words for the user to find the most appropriate word.

How do I tell the app which are the "common words"?

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