Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tariff, excise and GST

Many people in Singapore worry about the direction of the world leading to the introduction of tariffs. They fear that a return to protectionism will be harmful to countries, such as Singapore, that depend on global trade.

I like to argue that the return to protectionism is good for the world. My reasons are set out in this paper.,-excise-and-GST

I am confident that Singapore can adjust and adapt to the new global environment. We are a small country with a well educated and hard working people. We can meet the challenge.

Singapore will do better in a world that is more stable and can provide a better standard of living for the people in all countries.

Of course, there are a lot of things that we need to fix in Singapore. I am confident that it can be done, but we need new leaders.


Anonymous said...

Trump's executive orders are good for the world, from TPP to immigration. The world must understand that chaos comes before peace if the price for chaos is not too large. What is large???????????? or maybe it is not the price but the sacrifice. So what is the sacrifice?

Anonymous said...

Well done, the evil is hopping mad. It is your country; you have the right not to admit them. Why invite evil into your house?

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