Monday, January 23, 2017

UberPool is an excellent scheme

Last Sunday, I took UberPool to the airport. I usually take GrabTaxi but no taxi was available (probably due to lower supply on Sunday).

UberPool offers a discount of about 20% compared to the normal Uber fare, but allows the driver to pick up another passenger along the way.

In my case, the Uber car drove me to the airport alone. So, I enjoy the discount and have the sole use of the car.

This pooling arrangement is excellent. If the driver is able to pick up another passenger along the way, the driver will earn more than the normal fare. By pooling, it makes better use of the car.

Well done to Uber.

Someone asked me previously if they are covered in case of an accident while taking a ride on Uber. The answer is "yes" but ...For a fuller explanation, read this article.

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