Friday, January 06, 2017

Difference between "instruction" and "SOP"

What is the difference between "instruction" and "SOP" (standard operating procedure?

Many Singaporeans, including our leaders, do not know the difference. This is why Singapore is now in a big mess.

What is the difference?

The instruction tells you what should be done.
The SOP tells you how to do it.

Here is an example:
Instruction - clean the toilet
SOP - take a pail. put in water. take soap, cloth and broom. etc. etc.

When people are used to SOP, they follow it blindly. They don't know the purpose. They don't know what to do if the conditions are different from what was expected. If the SOP did not provide for the unexpected condition, they are stuck. They are lost.

Now, you know why Singapore is in a big mess. Too much SOP. Most probably from SAF and NS. Too many paper generals running the country using SOP.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree! Look at how government agencies like BCA and their academy work and you will understand. Those people never question the objective of an instruction. U can often their staff saying "MD said one, so just do it la. Dun ask so much otherwise he becomes unhappy and cut your bonus."

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