Monday, July 30, 2018

Goals for the next general election

I wish to suggest that voters look for the political party that can best meet the following five most important goals:

a) Reduce cost of living, e.g. abolish GST
b) Ensure locals can get jobs, e.g. reserve public sector jobs for locals, no outsourcing
c) Provide affordable housing, e.g. rental or short lease.
d) Give better return on CPF savings and allow full withdrawal by 65.
e) Listen to the people and address their concerns, e.g. full time MPs, more debate in Parliament.

There are other goals, but I have listed the five most important ones.

Do you agree with these goals?


Anonymous said...

U r rite. When u cant give pple the basics y aim for e stars.

Anonymous said...

When making policies, they do not assess if plenty will benefit or just to satisfy their ego.

If it hurts more people and benefit less than it is wrong.

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