Sunday, July 29, 2018

Run the country on the correct goals

I quoted an example of a wasteful and efficient practice.
Someone commented - this is not an election issue, so do not bother about it.
Considering this comment, I have now found the reason why Singapore has become very noncompetitive, inefficient and costly.
The PAP government has been approaching matters from the wrong perspective.
They ask the question - will this affect the election outcome?
They should be asking the right question - how can we make Singapore more competitive, and life better for the people.
I am convinced that we have the wrong government, and that the country has been run for the past few decades on the wrong goals.


Anonymous said...

U r rite. Thk u fren.

Anonymous said...

It has never been what the people desire. It has always been what they desire for the people. There will always be a few outcasts who want the impossible.

Anonymous said...

Have came across 2 cases of elderly widows above 80 years young loitering at hawker centres to pass time bcos they cannot get along with flatmates on a daily basis and only go home in the evening to bath and sleep. Not a good sight.

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