Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Free and fair elections

In a democracy, there should be different parties offering manifestos setting out different policies on how the country should be run.

There should be free and fair elections to allow the people to make their choice on the type of government they want.

If the ruling party passes laws that impede the free choice of the people and make the other political parties difficult to compete fairly, it will lead to the incumbent ruling party contining in power for a long time. This will lead to corruption and abuse of power.

It will be bad for the future of the country.


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Yujuan said...

Much as we respect the father of our Nation LKY, PM Lee is making the same mistakes as his Dad, and more poignantly the sama sama ones of BN's Najib.
Freak control over media and any activist deemed against him are a la LKY era, an out dated mode of authoritarianism of last century. Added the potent brew of elitist cronyism, military nepotism, the race based Presidency, and tight control of the Nation's SWFs within the Lee family, and the Oxleygate drama make uneasy, losing trust sentiments on the ground.
GDP growth estimated about 3% growth dun give real picture, ask around you get negative response, business is bad and Govt is at a crossroad
on handling our future Economy, and desperately still cling to old LKY mode importing foreign labour and FTs to keep Economy going.
Simply said, no real local Economy and employment growth, all the GDP growth based on mega, expensive infrastructures, property development, a la Razak Najib.
Like his father in his later years before his death, our PM Lee is now a liability to PAP, a political Party that desperately needs Reforms to make Singapore Great again, instead of living in past glories and sliding backwards.
PAP need real talented reformers like Tharman and maybe Tan Chuan Jin, like what Bridget Welsh said, not the pliant, insipid 4G leaders, and boot licker like ex Diplomat Kausihan as its unofficial spokesman.
The worst enemy is entrenched Group Think within the Govt, and the relentless rising cost of living straggling our throats.
We have better faith in a future Malaysia, than a future Singapore if status quo prevails. Looking at how Dr M handling China now is like looking at how LKY did in the past, PM Lee and Kausihan have a lot to learn from the Dr, his measured criticisms with respect is admirable.

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