Friday, August 03, 2018

Misappropriation of customer deposit

Most people are unhappy with the behavior of the shared bike operator who has used the customer deposit to repay off the loan.

While this may or may not be fraudulent, it is morally wrong. The customers' deposits are intended for that purpose, as a deposit to be used to pay the operator for legitimate charges owned by the customer.

The misappropriation of the deposit by the operator should be treated as fraudulent. The authority should act against this fraud, in a similar manner as they are expected to do when someone commits a crime.

There is the crime called cheating. It occurs when someone takes away money from another person on false pretensions. I consider that this misappropriation of the deposit would be considered as cheating.

I wish to see the law enforcement authority take appropriate action against this crime.

It is time for Parliament to set clarity to the law. They should pass a law to make it clear that any money collected on deposit should be used only for that purpose, and cannot be used for other purpose that it was not intended.

In the meantime, the law enforcement authority can take action under the common law of cheating.

Do you agree?

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