Friday, August 03, 2018

Difficult to find the solution to this manpower contradiction

The PAP government is in a dilemma. They have to control the inflow of workers to make sure that they do not take over the jobs of Singaporeans.

But many employers need workers and could not get Singaporeans to take up these jobs, due to low wages. But these employers could not afford to pay higher wages as they cost of doing business is too high.

Due to shortage of workers, many businesses could not expand. Some cannot even operate.

As an example, we can see many construction jobs being delayed due to shortage of workers.

Many retain and food outlets advertised for workers, but they could not find any taker.

How can the PAP minister and the top civil servants solve this dilemma? They can't. It is a problem with contradictions. In spite of the high pay, they cannot find a solution.

What can be done about it?

I believe that one needs to look at the root cause and to deal with them, in order to get the solution.

Any suggestions?

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