Friday, July 06, 2018

Lack of foresight and will

Rachel Ash commented on my post about cashless payment:

Mr Tan There is no will on the part of our authorities. In the earlier days we can attribute it to lack of foresight but a late stage like as now, they are grabbing in the dark, hoping a vendor would come out with an integrated solution, just like Silverlake did for banks.

We lack innovators, visionaries, doers among our authorities, instead we have followers, glory grabbers, copiers, several bag of gases.

Even though I don't know you personally but do see your work and I can safely say you can easily replace several of our authorities all at once.

While you were away on a cruise, several caught your brown rabbit designing election pamphlets while the other rabbit was frantically printing them. We wondered who your rabbits are working for.

I agree that we have lack of foresight and lack of will in the top levels of our government. And the lower levels wait for instructions.

My two rabbits were designing and printing brochures for the Carrot Party. They said that voters like carrots, so this party is sure to win.

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Anonymous said...

They have good foresights when collecting money. But than whatever they collected whether its sin or unseen money it does usually goes back to the country likewise in infrastructures or reserves for emergency. Good in infrastructures is one thing but overdoing it is another. What the people need - the basics to live i.e. cheap public spacious housing, food, medical and education . All others are bonuses.

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