Sunday, July 01, 2018

Use EZ Link card for cashless payment

I suggest that EZ Link be used for cashless payment.

We need to develop a low cost device that can be installed at the point of sale. The sales staff enter the amount and the customer taps the EZ Link card.

Maybe the device can be an app on a mobile phone, and is operated by the merchant.

EZ Link can have a fee for each transaction, say $0.10.

This will be better than the QR code payment that is used in AliPay and WeChat Pay in China.

If EZ Link does not want to be involved, or if the infrastructure cost is too high, we can set up a separate company to run this operation. It will use a contactless card like EzLink.

I understand that the Octopus card in Hong Kong is widely used in this manner.

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