Thursday, July 05, 2018

Enrol in CareShield Life?

Dear Mr. Tan

I’m 48 years old single man who is currently unemployed taking care of my 73 years old mum who has recently diagnosed of dementia. She is also a diabetic patient for more than 20 years. As I am her only child and my dad has passed away many years ago , I naturally become the main care giver. My mum has no insurance coverage except she is under the PG scheme and medishield life. I’m staying in a 3 room flat at Toa Payoh for many years.

Few years I opted out the Eldershield as I found this scheme impractical and ridiculous. As the government is going to roll in the Careshield Life in a few years time, I would like to seek your kind opinion whether I should enrol into it and what I should look out for before signing up. Also, do you have any recommended insurance where I can consider as I’m worry that if I remain single till old age, who would take care of me when I am sick and financially I may not able to sustain for future medical expenses and/or nursing home care and so on and so for.


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