Tuesday, July 03, 2018

WOTC - High pay for ministers

I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd - Should we pay high salaries to ministers?

Here are the responses:

65% - No. We are not getting the right people to be ministers.
32% - No. The salary should be set at half of the current level.
3% - Yes. This will prevent corruption.

No - 97%. Yes - 3%.

See the breakdown of the votes in

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Yujuan said...

An European expatriate's view of the political system in Singapore.
The Govt seems like a one man show type of Governance, with PM Lee making all decisions in a team, which acts like just following the leader.
Once PM is unable to lead, the whole team would be in disarray.
An analysis of the so called 4G leaders, who seems to lack the charisma and dimensions of a star politician, too insular.
Among them the "best" is Heng, but he looks like a scared rabbit when he speaks, with health concerns a big worry.
Chan Chun Seng dun have the looks, always trying so hard to project himself on the popularity ladder, and the ever parrot for PM, showing no own initiative, unable to project a creditable image speaking on world forum meetings. Just compare him to Tharman.

Ong Ye Kung always put on a false tough facade to hide his insecurity, maybe being trounced at the Aljunied GRC polls, and then successfully sneaking into Parliament latching on the coattails of a prominent Minister in GE 2016 has effect on his confidence. A person so petty with parking benefits for our overworked teachers, if appointed as our PM, can imagine likewise sama sama with ordinary folks.
Not a problem with handing over a huge pay packet to Ministers, a matter if they really deserve it. Tharman only a handful of Ministers really deserves it, many others are just mediocre rated, taxpayers getting short changed, esp when we are forever slapped with hiking costs and prices in our struggling daily life.
Thus resentment simmers.

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