Sunday, October 28, 2018

Order safely through online platforms

Some people have bad experience buying things online.

They ordered some products that were not delivered.

Some of the sellers used online platforms to scam the buyers. They did not intend to deliver the products. Some recent cases involve highly priced concert tickets.

Not all of these cases are scammed. Sometimes, there was failure in the delivery, e.g. delivered to the wrong address.

The honest sellers will provide a contact and will respond to complaints.

How can you tell between the honest and the dishonest sellers?

A safe way is to use a well established platform like Amazon, Ali Baba or Lazada.

My experience with these platforms have been satisfactory. I have ordered several dozen products and they were all delivered. If the product was out of stock, I received a refund.

Most of these platforms actually had many independent sellers. How do the platforms ensure that all the sellers delivered their products.

They adopt a good method. They control the transfer of the funds until after the delivery is completed and confirmed.

They require their sellers to despatch their products through the approved delivery providers.

All the deliveries are tracked through the tracking system provided by the platforms.

To avoid being scammed, you should buy through the established platforms.

What about products that cannot be bought through the established platforms, such as concert tickets?

Try to establish contact to the seller by email or WhatsApp first. If the seller replies, he is likely to be an honest seller.

Pay through PayPal. They provide insurance against non-delivery or complaints. You can get a refund.

We are moving to the online world. Get used to it, and enjoy its benefits.

Tan Kin Lian

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