Thursday, May 23, 2019

An useful visit to Forest City

I brought an European who is in his fifties to visit Forest City.

Earlier he had applied for residency in Singapore under the investor scheme. The govt cancelled the scheme after 5 years, so he cannot stay in Singapore any more.

He had to find another place to stay, as he had sold off his house in Europe 5 years earlier and the house prices there have since doubled.

I suggested that he should consider staying in Forest City under the MM2H (Malaysia my second home scheme).

Initially, he was hesitant. Having been rejected after 5 years by Singapore, he does not want to take the same risk.

After the visit, he became convinced. He asked in detail about the cost and design of the available apartments and also the view. This shows his serious interest.

There are many positive points for him to stay take up residency in Malaysia. He has the financial means to quality for MM2H.

The additional advantage is that the MM2H scheme gives him 10 years of residency and is renewable. He and his Asian wife are allowed to work or start a business in Malaysia as local residents. They treat the MM2H as residents and not foreigners.

He finds the freehold apartments in Forest City to cost one fourth of leasehold condos in Singapore  and the cost of living to be less than half of Singapore.

One visit makes a lot of difference, gives him a positive impression and helps him to decide to consider this new lifestyle.

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