Thursday, May 23, 2019

Waive GST on essential items

Nearly 100% of the people who voted in my poll do not want GST on utilities and water, and on small purchases.

I did not ask about medical bills and medicines, but I am sure that they want GST to be waived for these items as well.

But 25% still want to keep GST at 7%. I cannot understand why. It seems to be a contradiction.

Maybe they want GST on luxury goods. What are these luxury goods?

If so, why don't abolish GST (which is intended to cover everything) and just levy a tax on luxury goods?

We already levy this tax on motor vehicles (i.e. COE, ERP) and on property (land sale, development charge, stamp duty, property tax).

What else needs to be taxed? Luxury handbags and watches? OK, just levy a tax on these items - and abolish GST, together with the wasteful cost of its collection and administration.

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