Thursday, May 23, 2019

Visit to Forest City by public transport

This is the first time that I took public transport to visit Forest City.

I find the trip to be very pleasant.

I took CW7 from Tuas Point to cross to the Johor CIQ. The whole journey, including passing two checkpoints and crossing the link took 10 mins.

I was expecting a journey time of at least half hour.

I did travel at 11 am, which is off peak, so it helped. There was no crowd and no congestion.

It took 35 mins for the journey from Jurong East to Tuas Link and the transfer by EW7 to the Tuas CIQ.

In future, I would take CW3/CW4 from Jurong East to Tuas CIQ. The journey time would only be 20 mins during the off peak period.

The return journey was also pleasant. I cleared the two checkpoints, including the journey along the link, in 10 mins. It was 5 pm, so the crowd was bigger. But the clearance time was fast.

After this pleasant experience, I plan to visit Johore through the 2nd link by bus for shopping or food on a regular basis. And visit Forest City as well.

The bus fare from Singapore to Johore was $4 (flat) and the return fare was (surprising) RM 2.60 ($0.80).

The marketing executive from Forest City drove to pick me from the CIQ to Forest City. An alternative is to call Grab. The fare is RM 12.

There are other interesting places to visit, such as the shopping malls in Bukit Indah, Legoland or the mall in Medini.

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